What is Your Real Number?

A Real Number?

One of the worst misconceptions I find most people have is the actual figure they need for their dream income or the borrowed term  my “beach ratio”. Normally when asked most will say some off the wall number like $1,000,000 a year without any real thought about why it is that number. It just sounds good and they think that will cover their desires.

The problem is that in their mind it is actually an unattainable number. They have no faith, commitment or idea how they can make that happen so they never start. It is not real, it is not based on any actionable thought process.

As an Internet Profits Consultant my friend and mentor Dean Holland explained this to me and it changed my life and the way I thought about the process and what I really needed.

The good news is that the real number most really need is attainable. The beach ratio  is within your reach. The first thing you must do is define the Why.


If you do not know the Why you have no motivation to do. Take first step and decide your reasons for your number. Write them down, make them real. It is not hard because you have real reasons to want that number besides just spending money. Money is not the goal, really. Money is just the tool used to achieve your dream life, not the dream.

Most people have concrete reasons they know in their subconscious. Your reasons are there. Mine may be a bit different from yours but many will be similar. I wanted to provide for my family in a manner that all fathers dream of. I wanted to buy rental properties to provide an income for my family and myself. My wife and I love traveling, it costs real money. I love to fly so my own private plane was a dream for the traveling. I wanted to buy my mother in law a new home. (Strange I know) But the point is you get the idea. If money was not an issue how would you spend your life? Imagine it, get it in your mind then design it. Include everything cars, boats, homes, planes,  bills, security, gifts, spending cash make sure to include it all!! 

As Dean told me, stop reading this, make your reasons list right now and write them down. Take the time!

Okay now it is time to create your real number. Once you have a dream life designed and imagined, what does it really cost? Get a real close estimate on what everything costs. Give yourself a little bit of room on your estimates. If you think you will travel four times a year look on the internet and see what your dream vacation costs. Maybe that is $40,000 at $10,000 a trip, you decide. Figure out and write down what the dream life cost, the cars, that plane, the homes and all associated costs. Now I am not talking about paying cash for a million dollar plane or vacation homes. I am talking about how everybody but lottery winners do it, lease or finance. Believe me, that dream yachts are better rented than owned.

Take the time and do this. I am sure you will be surprised to find as I did the number was much lower than I had previously had in mind. Once you have that number written down and firmly in your mind.

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