How to Get Rich… Easily

How to Get Rich Fast… Easily

You see promotions like the above one all over the place and by now you know they’re all not giving you the true picture.

 They normally come neatly packaged with some shiny suit guy who is far too excited, standing in front of a rented lear jet or some  far-too-big house with an expensive car. Standing next to Mr. Shiny is the pretty girl with a far too big smile who appears to be only just managing to contain her disgust for Mr. Shiny. They simply scream, “Look at us, we are  frauds!”

Making real money does not happen that way. Life is nothing like that.

I am writing this because I receive emails and comments from people of all ages looking for advice on how to make their first online income. From middle-aged , young and not so young folks asking, “What can I do now to get secure?” “How do I get out of this job?” Secure… not rich, just secure. Why?

First, because they’ve been making the wrong decisions for quite some time. They bite on the current path of get rich fast schemes and no effort mediocrity that isn’t going to make them rich, let alone secure. That’s a big problem, which I’m not even going to try address here. This article is for those who may have been led down the rosy path of easy greed driven, no effort expectations but realise there must be a real way to get to their goal. Is a real goal to get rich overnight, a million dollars or some other unknown number? No!

The Real Goal  is a Sustainable Recurring Income 

Is a sustainable recurring income the amount of income you can generate in one year? Nope, not really. That’s a terrible measure of what you need. Recurring income might really be calculated as a number of hours per year, not a dollar figure. I will borrow the term “the beach ratio”.

A good recurring income provides the number of hours per year you can sit on the beach doing  just as you please. The beach ratio is an income that still comes in those hours when you have your toes in the sand.

When that number exceeds the number of hours in a year you’re likely to have to work to keep the dream lifestyle you want, you’re into the territory where you need to be and you’ll have surpassed secure and become rich. We will discuss what that number should be at another time, but suffice it to say it is less than you think and really attainable. I know!

 First, Set Yourself a Base FIXED Expense Ratio

Let’s get realistic. If you had the had the dream income you would not be reading this anyway. So you are spending too much!

Let’s say you are earning $50 k/year. If you are like most people you are spending all of it and a bit more. As a rule of thumb your expenses should never exceed 70% of your net income, though 50% is really the ideal number. The principal is sound and will work well for everyone through the years. Now immediately I know I’m going to get a ton of emails and comments saying…oh but you don’t understand…where I live you can’t get a decent place to live and feed myself for 3 x that. I certainly have been there and understand the problem. Too much month at the end of the never enough money.

A Good Job

If you’re in a job, which presumably you are, you should be and most likely by being here are on a constant lookout for opportunities to try your hand at building a business income.making money online It should be a business that pays you personally every month with multiple $1000 days needed for your “beach ratio”.

If you keep riding that same old horse (your job)  you will never achieve your dream income.

Your boss, any boss is not going to pay you what you need or would pay yourself. You are going to have to take a risk with your time, and a little of your money. Since you are reading this you have probably figured that out already.

The question is, can I? How?

Let me say one thing about taking additional jobs to earn more income, sounds great but what is that magical job that gets me the additional sustainable recurring income. Pumping gas won’t do that, waiting tables won’t do that, overtime won’t do that. In fact very few jobs where you work for a fixed amount for someone else will. You need to build a business that will provide you a vehicle that can be used to accelerate your time towards your goal.

You have to decide if you’re prepared to sell your time upfront for comfort later or not. Some will tell you all your time should be focused on generating income streams. If you don’t like the concept then by all means join the rest of the crowd and welcome a life of want. Nobody will blame you for it because it’s what everyone does. This is your choice.

Fortunately that concept is not quite so, that is not the only solution nor is it practical for most. Very few will work every single waking hour for an extended time. In reality nor should you.

The good news is that for just a few hours a day of consistent well executed work will get you to the goal. If you stay with me I am going to show you how. The way I was able to accomplish this was with the help of a mentor.

 Again the question is how?

The secret is to risk your time and money on something that will educate you to be able to execute better. Develop skills and methods that you can monetize.  That is the path to the sustainable recurring income you must have to reach your dream beach ratio. To make that happen quickly and efficiently you are going to need some one to show you how. The first step is to  teach you the whole systematic  proven way to generate the income. You need all the points and someone who will hold your hand weekly to keep you on the right track so you don’t waste time and money on things that just do not work. I am about to introduce you to my mentor for a free training session to show you how.

What you will get? You will get a through explanation on the proven method to achieving your dream income. You will get day to day help and direction on what you are doing. You’ll see a marked change in your goal (the beach ratio) in just a short time and you’ll realize that every single wasted minute and dollar you SPEND over ratio is arsenic to your beach hours. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re earning $100,000 a year or $1 million a year. What matters is that you build your recurring income which provides you with your “beach ratio”.


Stick with it and you’ll get a sustainable recurring income with acceleration as you have increased not just income but most importantly beach hours.         Click Here.

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