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Generating Quality Traffic

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Quality Targeted traffic always presents a problem for all internet marketers. No matter how much traffic you can drive to your website it must convert. That means it must be quality traffic by visitors that have an interest in your niche. Only if you have a good highly converting sales funnel does paid traffic prove to be a good way to get started with driving traffic to your offers. If your sales pages are not converting there is a reason. Do not assume the traffic was bad, it is more likely one piece of your funnel is turning away visitors. It often is a very small detail. They may not see any value in your approach. Truly even if you are experienced there is a good chance your funnels are not what they should be. It is interesting that some of the bigger name successful internet marketers find this to be a real hurdle. One way to conquer that is to partner with an expert that provides proven sales funnels and training that really work not just the latest shiny object. In the beginning I had no idea what I was doing wrong. There was lots of trial and mostly error. I knew I was not making sales every week as it appeared I should. That all changed when I chose to partner with Dean Holland and iPro. There was an immediate change as the sales began to come in every week,  even $1000 days.

Solo Ads

During the training one important method I learned about was Solo Ads, which is the real focus of this article. Solo Ads are an excellent type of paid traffic. Solo Ads can provide you with access to a customer base you never would have reached with traditional marketing methods. They consist of professional list builders using their list to generate clicks on your unique tracking link to your squeeze page/opt in page.

There are a couple things should be obvious but may not be;

Test your link before you provide it. It must work as you want it to, sometimes it does not.

Look for Solo Ad providers that have lists targeted in your niche. It will do you no good if you purchase clicks from a health niche provider if you are in the dog care niche.

If the offer sounds too good do not take it. Good Solo Ad providers charge a fair price. This is not a spot to look to get the cheapest clicks possible. If the provider is charging half the going rate you most likely are not going to get results you will be happy with. Most offer a discount for more clicks.

Be polite, ask some important questions;

Does your list purchase regularly and do they purchase high end products?

How often do you refresh your list? If most of the people on the list are old contacts it will not convert well. Think of the all marketing emails you get.

What kind of tracking do they use?

You will need tracking yourself to double check their clicks. You may have some tracking within your site and in your funnels. It most likely does not distinguish sources. Here is a service you can try for free, Clickmagick.

Ask if they have recently promoted your product? If you are offering an ebook on dog training as example and they just spent three weeks offering something similar to their list the return maybe very low.

Finding Solo Ad Providers

The first step is to go into facebook and type Solo Ads in the search bar. You will find quite a few pages devoted to this method. The pages consist mostly of testimonials from buyers and their results.

Do your homework and research the providers and their normal percentages. It will look something like this.

Seller: The name of the Ad Provider
Clicks Ordered: 200
Clicks Received: 223
Opt-In Rate: 40.65%
Tier 1: 82%
Sales: Yes! 1 x D/S & 1x F/E without follow up
Comments: Great run with great results. definitely,order again.

These facebook pages are great for looking at the real click results that are getting generated.

Of course you can search by Google and any other search engine you may like for Solo Ads. You will find quite a number there also. Do your research carefully and I suggest that you start small and see the results you get. Look at the pricing of five to six providers and get an idea of range. Some charge three times as much as others, their hype may say are they worth it. Are they?  Only you can answer that. Look at your normal front end sales and think about what it takes for you to break even on a Solo Ad buy. Most of the time if you break even for the first round that was super. If you have the proper funnels with the right price points including back end sales as part of the equation those paid clicks have a very good chance of paying off in a big way later.

Solo ads are a good way of getting an email list built fairly quickly, but keep in mind the list is being emailed a lot of offers. It is hard to impress them.

Stop struggling and learn what you really need to make your online income really work for you.

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