The Journey to Making 6 Figures Online Every Year

6 figures online

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This is the journey of the process that actually monetized my online efforts. I had tried many methods and felt that they were  just missing something, mostly real income in my pocket. While I  made some money from my blogs  it had not been what I was looking for. Keep in mind I am always looking  for a way to make another 3 to 4 figures a week.

We will talk about that also, it actually takes less than you might think to achieve your goals.You have to have a proven method that consistently converts visitors into customers.To do that you must provide value.

Hard Product Marketing

Straight product marketing works but does not pay in the manner required by my lifestyle and desires. It takes a lot of $10-$200 sales on Amazon and Ebay to make a real income. Yes, you can make four figures a month there with some work. Of course there are real expenses and day to day requirements just like any store. Both have the advantage of not being brick and mortar operations but you still have to deal with a hard product. There are real associated costs involved with a hard product.

Straight Affiliate Marketing

Straight Affiliate Marketing also works but does not always pay in the numbers you would like. There are some real knowledge barriers and marketing techniques that you must master to be really successful doing that. It too requires a lot of day to day work that is in essence a one and done system. Affiliate marketing requires continual traffic generation through a variety of methods.One and done is not a viable plan for success. You need to have a real plan.

The Dream

The successful internet marketer or digital entrepreneur has unusual freedom. You may travel a great deal, the dream fulfillment is to be able to run and prosper from your business from anywhere in the world that has good internet. To live the lifestyle I have found there is one critical component.  You must have recurring income not just one and dones. You also must have a venue to make four figure paydays every week. To accomplish that you must have sales from the backend, not just one and done.Once again you must have a proven system that produces more than one payday in the long run.


The Keys to the Kingdom

We will talk about:

Picking a Niche

Setting up a blog

Services required



Free products

Frontend products

Upsell Products

Membership products

High End Products

Getting Traffic

Affiliate Marketing

Product Launches

Email Marketing


Most of these are about quality traffic generation to products and services that fill a need for your visitors in the end.

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