Traffic, Free or Paid?


The real unassailable need of every internet marketer, store owner, or any business owner is traffic. People looking at the offer either by paid or free traffic.

Without it they are dead!

No matter what business you may be in traffic is the number one obstacle that must be overcome and delivered before the first dollar comes through the door. There are many ways to generate traffic or interest in your business. We will be focussing on internet marketing but it certainly applies to businesses in general.

As beginning entrepreneurs we would like to believe the free traffic myth. We all have heard you can drive traffic to your website for free. Buy this report from me for only $29.95 and I will show you how!!  Well I have bought quite a few of these offers over time and one thing has been true. There is “free traffic” but there is always a cost, your TIME. Every free traffic method you can use requires an investment of your time. The key to success with free traffic is consistent action. One other big truth is it does not happen overnight, or even by next week. It takes time and consistent effort to reap these rewards. The good news is that the rewards are there and they can be very real if you are doing it correctly.

“Free Traffic”

Blogs, the meat and potatoes

Blogging is one of the very best ways to create free traffic. You will be appealing to readers of like mind in most cases and who already have an interest in your subject matter. This brings in targeted traffic, a big plus in your approach. Quality traffic is much better than a large quantity of quick click exits. If you are going to go the route of a blog pick a niche on a subject you really like and stick with it. Your readers will come back because they too are interested in the subject. Provide them with helpful information and make it the best you can. It does not have to win a pulitzer but try not to just generate filler to get something out there.

Stay with the Traffic Idea Source

If as example you write on snowboarding this week, then write four pieces on snowboarding at your favorite place next week. You could get into the details of conditions, heights of jumps, landing areas, all parts of the greater topic of snowboarding.

Perhaps the next week you can review four different types of snowboards, writing a review of each with details by experience. You might relate the tale of your hotel stay at a given big snow resort you really enjoyed, staying in the same general area. A good story about your friend’s terrible experience at another location works well. You can see the idea, stick with your traffic’s real subject of interest. If you write on plumbing a bathroom next week your fans will wander away as has perhaps your mind.

Post fairly constantly on the same train of thought and subject matter. If you do that in time you will gain a loyal following and subscribers who like and trust you. Those same loyal fans will take your advice, so give them good advice when you recommend something. Use the “my Mom” test, would I recommend this to Mom if she were to want a snowboard? Buy it yourself or at least have tested it.  Practice the Law of Authenticity people appreciate it and can trust you which is key to your success.

There are a large number of ways to generate traffic and there is a lot to learn on many methods. Most people try to master all the methods and fail miserably. They never make any money and are completely frustrated. They have tried lots of products claiming to give them traffic but never really getting anywhere.  The truth is you must really learn the correct methods and that requires proven training that really will show you how to accomplish it. Not the latest and greatest plugin that really only targets one small portion of one method.

You need real training, watch this free video to learn everything you need to drive quality traffic to your site.

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