Which is the Right Home Business Model

 Home Based Business

There are more home business models to choose from today than ever before. The computer and the internet allows many people the opportunity to work from home.

 The work from home model is the fastest growing income choice out there. There are many businesses that can be run from home and with so many people wanting to leave the corporate world to spend more time at home with their families are choosing to instead start a business from home. Mainly because who does not want to work at home?

You can start a full time, part time, at home or totally mobile, online or a combination brick and mortar in a commercial location.

But each business requires the right kind of business model, including the home business. Just because you start it does not mean it will work. Is it a business that has a demand in the marketplace? Even if your hobby interests you, it may not have enough other people that are interested to make it a viable business. One of the advantages of the internet is you are not constrained by a small local audience, the world is your stage.

The key is to choose the business model that fits into your plans for your business. You will need realistic goals and the means to achieve them. Take time to do some research, see how many searches are done in a month for your type of business or product. Does it solve a problem or fill a need? Start with a Google adwords search, is someone paying real money for adwords relating to your idea? If not you might not have a winner yet.

The right home business model will ensure that you spend the right amount of hours each week, that you take the right level of risks, that you are practical in terms of your finances and that you gain the kind of satisfaction and success that you can dream of.


First decision you have to make is how much time you can and want to devote to your business. Will you decide to go with a full time business model which means leaving behind whatever it is you are currently doing and devoting all your time to your new business venture? What many don’t realize is that most home businesses often will take up more time than was ever spent in the corporate office. At home you can not get away forever or leave for the weekend.

Type of Business

There are some considerations you must decide when contemplating your home business model. First,what is your product or service? Are you going to have physical products? If so where are they being purchased from? What is the shipping time? Where are you going to sell them? More important than anything who are going to sell them to? Internet only sales, route sales, direct mailings,face to face contact or a combination of all? As example if you are selling wrestling equipment, how much space do you need, what is the turnaround time.

You might be marketing knowledge which you can provide digitally, and thus no storage other than on a server.You can market services that might be both online or actual physical tasks. There are many options but take the time to look at all the requirements of each.

Working in the house

A home business has many upsides to it. There are usually less risks and a lower start-up cost than a brick and mortar business, simply because you do not have the expense of real estate, staff, etc. One of the big downsides is distractions of everyday life.

Dedicate a space for just work. Make sure everything you need is at your fingertips and try to avoid a place that has many distractions, like the television or the refrigerator. Also it is important that you dress for success. Dress as you would if you were going to any other job. Ditch the bathrobe and pajamas for casual business attire. You will be less likely to lounge around in your good clothes while you are in your home. Discipline is going to be key. When you are working, work. Make sure those around you understand distractions cost money. I find an interruption of one minute costs about 15-20 minutes loss of production.

Home Businesses are Easily Scale-able

You can make them as big or small as you need them to be and you will have virtually no commute. You can outsource to keep things simple. You can hire companies to do your public relations, warehousing, shipping and even manufacturing. Don’t be afraid to try companies like Fiver to complete day to day operations.

Remember starting a business that succeeds is going to require some actual hard work.

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