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First when building your Blog remember one key idea. Provide value to your readers first. Then Search Engines want lots of high quality unique content, so often you will want to build sites over time which may have tens or hundreds of pages. What is the best way to structure this? Silo structure. What is this? Essentially grouping common, relevant pages together in an organized manner.

Lets use Real Estate for an example.

blog organization silo method

Silo Method

Keeps all the topics organized and can help by having the keywords appear in the URL e.g.

This also prevents having hundreds of links on one page. If this happens, the volume of links can actually outweigh the amount of content on the page. Result: Your pages start to lose importance

Important: For each page, make the filename be the keyword phrase you are targeting. Make sure the title for each page has the keywords as mentioned previously. Make sure all your navigation links have keyword anchor text – even the home page. Don’t use “Home” consider using “ Real Estate Home”.



One of the pleasant changes in the current method of building your own site is WordPress. No longer does the novice have to struggle through learning the ins and outs of learning html. In the past most of the time you would hire an expert to get your site set up. A prohibitive first expense to just creating a blog to write about your hobby.

You can read all  about WordPress  here

“WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing and with fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes. Since then it has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day”.


Next you will download a WordPress theme. Themes control the way your blog functions and appears. There are loads of free themes available. Most themes have specialized functions and appearance.

You can spend a great deal of time search and picking out the look and functionality you want for your blog. This process is all about what you wish to accomplish in the end. If you are planning to eventually generate an income from your blog you will need a lot of functionality that is not easily available from the free themes.


Almost all blogs utilise various plugins. Plugins add functions to WordPress. There are as many functions available as you might dream up a need. There are a lot of one time purchase plugins that claim to be the best at providing these. In practice I have bought quite a few that did not measure up. Most are in a file folder gathering digital dust, be slow to buy plugins.

Having bought quite a few I suggest a different route.  I went with Optimizepress.


OptimizePress has all the functions you need rolled into one.

You will need to  be able easily to create:

Sales or Squeeze pages

Converting landing pages

Split tests

Membership portals

Complete launch funnels

An Authority blog site


There is a cost for OptimizePress, I suggest the core package of $97, you can always upgrade later. I can tell you it will save you a lot of time and unnecessary stress in building your site. There are lots of tutorials and templates that once you see them in your blog will recognise the best blog sites in the world are using them also. Remember this is a business and you will need the proper tools to complete a proper job. Good tools save time and are invaluable when used properly.

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