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If you have no traffic to your site, you have no site, no readers, no money. There are a number of important steps you need to take to get set up properly and help the search engines find you.


First you need to look for a keyword then keyword phrases, a  keyword phrase is what someone would type in Google to find your subject matter. Start with a base keyword.

AS AN EXAMPLE  real estate. You might think that you need to rank high for the base keyword real estate. Put the term “real estate” in quotes in google. In quotes Google only searches for pages with the exact phrases “real estate” not all pages with combinations thereof. Then you will find that that is impossible to rank with, way too much competition. About 1,130,000,000 results (0.53 seconds) . Now if you were a North Carolina real estate agent you can narrow it down a bit. About 66,700 results (0.46 seconds) To get targeted focus with keyword phrases,  type of home, location, features, something unique to that home. “Spacious colonial period home on the ICW” would rank well. You are trying to target that small group of readers who are interested in your properties.

The more you drill down the better this is going to be. You want to target your audience. You might try Brunswick county real estate. You may have to add in the NC to get good results. Maybe even pick a type of Real Estate, like waterfront, oceanfront,golf course and obviously many more. This would be using long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are 3+ words.

Step one is finding keywords. You can try wordtracker . This will give you the first 100 variations it gets on a average day. This used to be free but no longer. Now they will let you use it for 7 days.

If you have a adwords account you can use that Google adwords. If you do not have one create one, it is free to create.

Google Keyword Planner – is a tool created for advertisers and is not meant for SEO. Yes, it does contain valuable data such as competition, suggested bid, average monthly searches etc.

But, at the same time it will hide lucrative long-tail keywords with thousands of monthly searches that can be used to create content for your website. Some digital marketing professionals think that it is done on purpose and helps Google to increase the competition and cost per click for a limited number of keywords.

Keyword Tool is the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner for SEO as it doesn’t hide popular keywords that can be used to create content for your website. It will give 750 suggestions for free.

Here is that good source for keywords

Defining a Good Keyword

You will search for those long tail keyword phrases in quotes. You will need to determine how much competition is too much. A good number is <20,000. You will find phrases and put them in your article. Write naturally, don’t try to load keywords. This post is a good example of what not to do. The main keyword is keyword. There is one that is impossible to rank for. About 497,000,000 results (0.44 seconds) But the general thread of this blog is about building your blog site, in that case it is revelant and should not be penalized

You can also use the firefox browser and install the firefox seobook plug which will tell you some very interesting information, page rank, 10 being the highest.You can also check the number of links. If there are something like 200,000 links that will be hard to rank above, only 200 you should be able to surpass it doing all the right things.


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