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Can’t make the money last until the end of the month? Why, you used to? Both of you working and getting more income in the door?  You know something is wrong. But you just can not seem to put your finger on it.

The Poison Pill

By simple calculations – backed by studies, hunches, and deep research – the typical American man earns less in real, disposable income per hour today than he did 30 years ago.

He goes to buy a car or a house, and he finds he must work much longer to pay the bill than he would have in the last years of the Reagan administration. He used to work 25 weeks to pay off his truck, now it takes 43 weeks if he only pays that bill.

What? How is that possible? We both are working now making two incomes.  What kind of economic trickery do you need to stop hard work from increasing the value of workers’ time?

What kind of policies and circumstances are required to stiffen its joints… squeeze the people or you the serf? Globalization? Financialization? Bad trade deals? Too much red tape? Too many cronies? Too many zombies?

All of those things played a role, except maybe zombies if you rule out the ones in Congress. But our answer is simpler: poison money or printing lots of 1’s and 0’s with no real value behind it.

The bigger the dose… the sicker it has gotten. Trillions of dollars of funny money given to the criminals at the top of the pile.

When you say you “have some money,” you usually believe that there is, somewhere, an electronic database in which it is recorded that you are the owner of some amount of currency.

You think you have $100,000 in your account, right? Only 27% have that in investments and savings, much less in their account. Over  69% have less than a thousand dollars ready cash, scary. If the bank does not let them have “their” money that gets down to about $50. Remember the banks can turn off the flow at will. A sign “we are closed” works pretty well. Take a look at India, who recently by government decree eliminated 86% of the currency owned by the populace.

Does it mean that there is a little cubbyhole somewhere, with your name on it, in which you will find a stack of 1,000 Ben Franklins?

Nope. Not even close. Don’t believe that, go try to get just $5000 in cash unannounced. You might get it but most likely you will be treated like a criminal for trying to get your money. We recently had a friend who had decided to take his paper money and buy some gold and silver. Why? Well it has been the best investment this year in case you have not noticed. The bank looked at him and said no you can not have your money. He said “What!?” with a few words I will not repeat here. Their answer was “We do not give out money like that you have to schedule it…. What do you want it for?” He was shocked, they would not give him his money. It took almost a week before they finally begrudgingly put the cash in his hands.

No cubbyhole. No stack of money. No nothing. Just a digital representation of your supposed balance as they see it.

Does it mean the bank is carefully guarding some 1s and 0s, digital information proving that it at least “stores” your money in its database?

Think again!

What it means is there is a financial institution of uncertain integrity… In fact we are certain the banks have no integrity. They dodge disclosure with a complex electronic balance sheet of uncertain accuracy… listing alleged financial claims and contracts of uncertain quality…

The scary part is that you are one of the many thousands of entries on the debit side… with a nebulous claim to a certain number of dollars… which the institution may or may not have.

Today, banks – and this could be said of the entire financial system – no longer have “money.” They have credits and debits. Your deposit is your bank’s liability and your asset. At least it used to be that way. The bankers and their government minions have recently passed a law that give them your deposits as an asset of theirs. If their bad bets become due they get to take your deposits to “bail in” the bank.

But look at the balance sheet. You don’t know how many of the claims shown on the left are right… or whether, when the other creditors get finished with it, any of the assets shown on the right are left.

All you know is that the system works. Until it doesn’t, which there are a number of recent examples in other countries. Even worse the global economy is in much worse shape, if that is possible.

System Seizure

For many months, we have urged readers to prepare themselves for problems.

One day, the accumulation of contradictions, misinformation, and plain old “trash” in the system will cause a seizure. You will go to the ATM, and it won’t work. That day, your life could take a big turn to the downside… depending on how widespread the problem is… the cause of it… and how you prepared for it.

Of course, we don’t know for sure that that day will ever come. We are always in doubt, especially about our own forecasts.

Still, the potential problem seems likely enough… and grave enough… to justify some minimal precautions. You might cross the street blindfolded without getting run down, but it is still a good idea to look both ways.

Usually, we look to the right… where we see the problems inherent in a credit-based or funny money system.

The feds can create all the credit they want. But real people can’t pay an infinite amount of debt service. the number now is north of $59,000 for every USA person including your four year old. Like a junkyard dog reaching the limit of his chain, the credit cycle has a way of jerking people back to reality.

Real Money

But there are other potential problems coming from the left…

An electronic, credit-based money system is fragile. Across the globe there is a call for a cashless society.

It can be hacked by thieves. It can be attacked by terrorists. It can be shut down by accident. It can be shut down by the government for what ever reason they deem fit. Even a “bug” could bring it to its knees.

And then what? How will you get money? How will you spend it? How will you buy gasoline or food?

Our advice: Keep some cash on hand. Make sure you own some gold, too – real gold, coins or bars that you can hold in your hand .

By the way… Gold just had its best quarter in 30 years, Silver did even better.

Do buyers know something? Of course they do, only the blind does not see this coming.

You are going to need a different source of income. Your current employment may not be there soon. 65% of kids in elementary school today will work in jobs that do not even exist now.

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