Article Marketing

article marketing

Article Marketing is the Backbone of Blogging There are several steps to maximize the traffic potential from your articles. Article marketing or blog marketing is of course the lifeblood of bloggers, it had better be good. First choose your keywords carefully, just as we did with the site. Generally less than 20,000 competing pages is a…

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Setting up Your Blog or Site


Build Your Blog First when building your Blog remember one key idea. Provide value to your readers first. Then Search Engines want lots of high quality unique content, so often you will want to build sites over time which may have tens or hundreds of pages. What is the best way to structure this? Silo…

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Blog Properly, the Ins and Outs

The First Steps to Blogging  As I go through this process again, I really like the way this course has taken me step by step on creating my new blog. While I have several blogs going I can see that I need to go back and adjust them so they will actually provide value, encourage return…

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Keywords, Important?


No Traffic? If you have no traffic to your site, you have no site, no readers, no money. There are a number of important steps you need to take to get set up properly and help the search engines find you. KeyWords First you need to look for a keyword then keyword phrases, a  keyword phrase…

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